Masihi Aatmik Geet

Our House Of Prayer Church is situated in Faridabad. It is an independent organisation where we believers serve our mighty Lord with full dedication. We, the children of God Almighty has this duty to spread the Word of God all around and so we all are working upon it. Many sick people comes to our church and gets healed by our kind and merciful Lord. Many devil possessed comes and gets freed from the shackles of Satan. Childless couples are blessed with children.  Numerous Non Christians have dedicated their lives to Jesus and taken baptism with the promise to walk with God till the end. We also held cottage meetings once a week to worship the Lord. We conduct a powerful worship with our youth which leads us immerse in the glory of the Lord and we feel strong presence of Holy Spirit. We the believers of this group join our hands to pray for many souls to be saved.

So , you also remember us in our prayers so that we may grow more and more in Him and bring many souls in Lord.

God bless you all